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Mitchell & Marin

I’ve meet many a dog breed in my years of being a pet photographer and all around animal lover – but it always surprises me to meet a totally new breed that I have never even heard of. Mitchell and Marin are two beautiful Manchester Terriers – a beautiful, sleek, and strong breed that is super athletic and full of life. Marin is the smaller “little sister” of the two and was extremely curious about my camera – her smile is almost contagious. While Mitchell, the more watchful “older brother” was handsome and striking. What a pair these two make! And I can’t say enough wonderful things about their parents who can’t hide their love for these two pups.

Check out Marin’s little grin 😉

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SPCA of Texas Love Bugs

These little love bugs at the SPCA of Texas need a home. The kitty above is Miranda, she’s a little shy – but very sweet. I actually had my camera on the wrong setting when I snapped this photo, but I love how it turned out. Below is Boomer and he has the best ears I’ve ever seen on a dog! The first photo is “normal” boomer, ready for his glamour shot. In the second photo I made a noise and his ears went wild – straight out into the air. I about lost it which made Boomer very excited. He is only two years old and needs a loving home that will take care of him and get him a little exercise (but don’t tell him that) 😉

There are tons of lovable animals at the SPCA of Texas who are in need of a home – Adopt a Shelter Dog or Cat and be loved for life!

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A few of my favorite things…

Every now and then I like to go back through some of my past photo shoots and take a second look at their galleries. Things can look completely different once some time has passed. One thing I love to do is convert some of my favorite photos into black & white, and see them in a totally new light. I also love going back through the galleries because I get to remember each pup that I’ve had the privilege to get to know as a pet photographer. They really do each have a personality of their very own – and I can only hope to capture that in their photos. I hope you enjoy this Black & White look back!b&w 10-14 01b&w 10-14 10b&w 10-14 07b&w 10-14 02_ab&w 10-14 09b&w 10-14 06b&w 10-14 11_ab&w 10-14 08b&w 10-14 05b&w 10-14 03

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Henry & Winnie

These two pups and their parents came all the way up from Houston to have their fun-filled photo shoot – and visit family 😉 We met over in Fort Worth at Trinity park – a beautiful area. These two little ones were full of character. Winnie the black and tan dachshund is the boss of the two, she’s the older sister and makes sure Henry, the chocolate and tan pup, remains on his best behavior. Henry adores her… and does everything she does. Just too precious.

Both Henry & Winnie love to be held held, they also like to drop their heads back and look at the world upside down. It was hysterical! I was so glad I was able to capture both of them preforming their trick.

And it wouldn’t be a Dachshund photo shoot without a flipped ear or two!

We had so much fun playing – I’m sure these two slept the entire way home to Houston.

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Italian Dogs

While in Italy I found it almost impossible to not jump down on the ground and photograph every dog I came across! I’m sure some of the dog owners thought I was insane – “maybe she’s from a place with no doggies – gasp!” I hope there is no such place. However, some of the owners were very excited to have their furry friend’s photo taken. Next time I go on vacation I will have to learn “I am pet photographer” in the native language. Hope you enjoy… I know I enjoyed snapping these few!

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