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Little Pups, Big Hearts!

If you live here in Dallas you might have heard about the Faulkner County Puppy Mill that was raided a few weeks ago. They have finally made their way to the SPCA – ready for adoption and looking for a forever, loving, warm home. I was lucky enough to meet a large amount of these little guys. For some of them it was their first time in grass – some of them acted like it tickled their tummy, someĀ laidĀ flat in it, some even started rolling around in it. But there were also a few who we couldn’t even put down, they clung to us giving hugs and nuzzling our necks. I am so excited for these guys to start their new lives!

Meet Diesel &Nora

This is Silver & Dodge

Little Bubba & Cathy

Meet Moon (who looks like she’s wearing pig-tails) & Chix

These two are Kayla & Kiley

These are just a few of the pups ready for homes! Many more are waiting at the SPCA of Texas

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