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Sweetest House Guest Ever

One of our relatives recently adopted Missy, a beautiful Border Collie – and we have had the opportunity to have her as a house guest a couple times. It’s great because she and Willie are fast friends and love to run around in the back yard. I think they are trying to herd each other, which is just hysterical… We aren’t sure of Missy’s past, but she can be very skiddish – especially around men. She is very unsure of Brad, my husband, which just breaks his heart. We are hoping the more she comes over the more comfortable she will get with him.

I love, love, love when dogs tilt their head – believe me if you’ve ever been with me on a photoshoot I’ve got some really strange noises in my arsenal that can almost always get a tilt – no room for embarrassment when you’re a pet photographer. Usually my clients, who are awesome, will start trying to make their own noises to get a tilt. I even had one client get out his phone and use all his different ring tones :)  -Love it. But… I have never, ever been able to get Willie to tilt his head, either he knows all my tricks or he’s just too smart to be fooled. So when I found out Missy tilts her head at any noise I was giddy, and got my camera out as fast as I could. Also, you can see a peek of my office with the rug she’s on… my favorite color is orange and a black and white dog looks so good on it 😉

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I am proud to announce that Buster, our house guest, has overcome his fear of our wood floors… Well sort of, you can still see he’s a little nervous. I however, take no credit in the matter – Willie is the one who helped. You see Buster couldn’t stand not being exactly where Willie was, so he began to venture out onto the big bad wood floor. It’s too bad that Buster is leaving tomorrow – I know Willie will miss having his little friend around.

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