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Gentle Giants

Meet Kingsley and LoraLei, two of the most beautiful and gentle giants I’ve ever been around. My first photo shoot with Great Pyrenees. Kingsley is the older brother who is outgoing and silly, while his little sister LoraLei is a little more reserved and loves her big brother – always following his lead. My mission for this family was to get a great shot of the two of them together for their human brother to take off to college with him… all the way from Dallas to Pennsylvania!

LoraLei is on the left and Kingsley on the right.

Who needs a water bowl?? Not this guys… Kingsley is a big fan of the pool while LoraLei prefers to hang out on the side and watch her big brother.

On the right – I was able to capture Kingsley at the very end of his shake… what a hunk!

After all of the beautiful posing and a quick dip in the pool it was lights out for these guys!

These guys couldn’t have made my job as a pet photographer be any easier!! They were the best. Thank you Kingsley and LoraLei!

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