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Duchess & Painted Lady

Above is the beautiful and loving Duchess. I am sad to say this is my first client dog that has passed away. Duchess’s mom contacted me to set up a session with her two black labs, telling me they were 11 years old – but in good health, we then scheduled a session 2 weeks from that day. A few days later I received a call from a very upset mom, she told me that Duchess had been diagnosed with bone cancer and was scheduled to have her leg amputated to keep the cancer from spreading. We moved the session up immediately and took Duchess and her sister, Painted Lady, to their favorite park. The surgery was preformed a few days after our session and was a great success. Duchess was busy getting used to her new life, when she fell ill from infection and in a few short days it was her time to leave here and head off to her home in the sky.

I am so glad that I got to meet beautiful Duchess and be a very small part of her life. It means so much to me that I was able to capture her spirit before she was gone. My thoughts go out to her family. From what Duchess’s mom has told me, she and her sister had an incredible life: growing up together, playing in beautiful parks, and getting special treats.

I don’t want this entire post to be sad because Duchess was a very happy pup – we had so much fun at the photo session playing and exploring, their gallery shows how happy they are. I hope it brings a smile to their family! They look very much alike – that is Duchess on the left and Painted Lady on the right.

Duchess enjoying the tall grass and warm sun.

Painted Lady looking lovely.

Duchess on the left and Painted lady on the right.

Painted Lady smiled the entire session!

I know that Duchess will be greatly missed by all who met her.

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I Heart Water Dogs

Well, I heart all dogs, but it is especially fun to photograph a pup who loves to swim – no matter how cold the water may be! Vegas, the yellow lab, was all about the water – pretty sure he would have spent all afternoon laying in the water if he had his say. But we had to get him home since his photo shoot is a surprise birthday present for his Dad. Just a happy-go-lucky boy who was curious about everything around him.Vegas 11Vegas 03Vegas 12

Vegas was also very skilled with the tennis ball. You just can’t beat the green grass in Highland Park this time of year!

Vegas 09Vegas 08

Not sure why – but I absolutely loves this photos!

Vegas 07Vegas 06

You can’t beat the “in-water” shake!!

Vegas 02

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Meet Gustopher, Gus for short, a beautiful Lab mix with a kind heart and a happy go lucky disposition. We had a great time playing out at White Rock Lake enjoying the beautiful weather. I’ve never met a pup quite like Gus – he’s very tall, and fluffy, with a lab’s face – he can jump up to 6 feet in the air… yes his mom and dad have actually measured. It is a sight to see! He is extremely handsome but still has a goofball side to him that I love!

Gus 02Gus 06Gus 01

Ready for take off!

Gus 09Gus 05Gus 04

I think the tall grass was tickling him, so he started rubbing his face on it… too funny.

Gus 07_1

Gus 08Gus 10Gus 11

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Blue Skies Ahead

Back from vacation with blue skies and bright things to come. I have been so busy the past few weeks, all great things. I can’t wait to share! Coming up we have the cutest little westie in all of Dallas, Q-tip, yep that’s her name… I love it! Then we have a family of three labs: one yellow, one black, and one chocolate – and their favorite pastime… swimming. I also had a photoshoot with a family of 5… all on two legs.

Here is a quick photo from my vacation to Cabo San Lucas. Who says you can’t get a great photo out of a point and shoot camera that measures 4″x2″??

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