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snow day!

Make that three ice days and one snow day to top it all off! Yes I know the entire country is covered in ice and snow but it becomes a holiday/celebration type ordeal when it happens in Texas. Plus my dogs LOVE the snow. They can’t get enough of it and I can’t seem to understand how their toes and tummies don’t freeze, but then again I’m not a dog… I caught Layla (on the left) and Mr. Blue Mutt in action this morning here in the Dallas snow. Hope everyone is staying warm and having fun this winter 2011!!

Check out last years snow photos (back when Willie was an only child)

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okay well his name is really just Scout, but everytime I see Scout I can’t help but go up to him and rub his ears while saying Scouty-Pouty with my bottom lip pushed out. Try it – no one’s looking…. See, I told you so :) Scout is a 10 year old dog that lives in my neighborhood and we like to joke that he has a crush on my little Layla. Scouts photoshoot couldn’t have been better. Scout was excited to show me all his tricks and run and play, after which we went inside to get some of those shots that just make you saw awwwe…

I was so extremely happy and almost proud of myself after going through Scouts photo. Why? Well, I feel like the entire gallery really captured the moment: the sun setting, the cool breeze of fall arriving, the excitement from Scout, the goofy-ness in Scout’s personality, the love between Scout and his mom, and the feeling of “home.” That is always my goal with every pet photography session and this one just seems to really capture it all. Let me know what you think… What “feeling” do you get from the photos?

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tail wag and a middle name

Layla has come miles from that shy little puppy we adopted a few weeks ago. Her best friend in the entire world is her big brother Willie, who has shown Layla the ropes around here. In fact she follows him everywhere, sleeps when he sleeps, plays when he plays, and eats when he eats. Their favorite game right now is tug-of-war! Willie is such a sweet boy because he even let’s Layla win every now and then ๐Ÿ˜‰

We have also decided on a middle name for our little girl. Drum roll please…….. Layla Ruth Cameron. Why Ruth? Well the best response for her middle name I received on the postย Little Layla was actually: Chocolate Caramel Brownie! Which made me laugh pretty hard :) Of course we couldn’t really name her that – but I do agree that she looks like chocolate and caramel. So to stay with the theme of Goonies*, we chose Baby Ruth (the star candy bar in the movie). Thank you for all of your creative suggestions!

* Willie is actually named after The Goonies “One Eyed Willie.” The pirate who’s treasure they are searching for. I know we are dorks but we do love our 80’s movies!

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My Little Layla

The Cameron family grew by one this past weekend. Meet our new pup Layla! I first met Layla at the SPCA of Texas and instantly fell in love with her. She was petrified – extremely scared of people and suffering in the shelter environment. We are guessing that she was running with a pack of strays because she is perfectly comfortable around other dogs, it’s just people that make her nervous – very nervous. I spent a couple of hours with her at the SPCA trying to get her to warm up to me, and hopefully others. But I ended up falling in love with her and just two days later she was here in our home. Layla is such a sweet girl but still painfully shy – we are working on it and she is getting more comfortable with us every minute. She is already best friends with her big brother Willie!

We have no idea what type of breeds are in Layla, but we plan on asking our vet. Any guesses?

Now here is where I need your help. We kept Layla’s name from the SPCA, we felt like it really did fit her shy demeanor. But we are stuck on her middle name. Yes, all dogs need a middle name. Willie’s full name is Wilson Lincoln Kolle Cameron (seriously). We just can’t seem to find the right fit for Layla. So I am asking you guys… What should Layla Cameron’s middle name be??

I think this last photo might be my favorite, as far as Layla’s first day at our home, this pretty much says it all. Such a sweet girl! By the way – I realize that all of these photos are in the same spot, that’s because for some reason she decided the back door floor matt was her safe spot for the day… Many many more photos to come, that is once she’s ready ๐Ÿ˜‰

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