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Bevo 2010

I had an amazing time at Bevo’s party for TX-OU weekend here in Dallas! I’m almost positive he remembered me from last year and now we are best buds… wink, wink. I just love getting the opportunity to be up close to our Longhorn mascot, and I still can’t imagine balancing those huge horns all day long. It’s a good thing that Bevo’s handlers, the Silver Spurs, know exactly how to make him a happy camper.

If you attended the party with Bevo you can see all of the photo’s at this link: Bevo’s Party 2010. As we say in Texas – “Hook’em Horns!”

Bevo was ready for a nap by the end of the party! He is so popular that he still had two more parties to go to before the big game :)

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