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travel bug… spain

The last, but certainly not least, post on my recent travel bug is Spain. While in Spain we visited Barcelona, Madrid, and took a short day trip to Segovia. All of the places we went were absolutely amazing! Amazing sights, amazing people, and amazing food! Really amazing food – I think we both gained 5 lbs each… oops 😉

Sagrada Familia is an amazing cathedral in the heart of Barcelona that has been under construction for 129 years now. Construction began in 1882, and is still underway every day, seriously – we were walking past guys in hard hats! It is impossible to capture the scale of this building in photos – it is designed to feel like you are in a forest of trees. Too cool!!

We also took a day trip from Madrid to a small town in the mountains called Segovia. It’s main attraction is this amazing aqueduct, a huge cathedral and even a castle!!

One of my favorite mornings in Barcelona was a visit to their most famous street market: La Boqueria. I have never seen anything like it. Tons of fruits, vegetable, candies, nuts, chocolates, fish, cheese, the list goes on and on! It was a photographer’s heaven. Each morning the vendors come out early and set up their goods in the most beautiful ways. You can really tell that they take pride in their products! And boy was it good – we walked around sampling and photographing all morning!

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