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Imagine this, you have a dinner party and all of your friends are gathered around. Someone picks up the coffee table book that you have perfectly arranged on your coffee table and starts to flip through it. Only to realize that the pups in the book are yours! And now everyone is crowded around the couch trying to get a peak!

No joke – these photobooks are awesome. They are a hardback book with a wrap around laminated cover. Each page is high gloss and super thick (no bending). All you have to do is tell me what photos you want to include in your one of a kind book.

Maggie and Dixie were lucky enough to have their very own book made.

I LOVE these books… I even made one for my own wedding!! I can promise you that Willie will have his own very soon.

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What happens next?

I love getting home from a photo shoot and looking at the photos right away. There are many reasons I must do this: excitement, impatience, too much diet Dr. Pepper (my favorite)… But there is one thing that always makes me laugh. Most of the time I am shooting, I leave my camera on burst mode. That means that if I hold my finger down on the shutter button, my camera will take consecutive pictures. In return if a dog is going to do something silly or funny I can usual catch him/her in the act. This time it was Maggie… see below

Thinking about it…

Going for it…


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