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Winston & Lulu

I promised you awesome amounts of fluffiness and I am here to deliver. This Maltese duo was hysterical. I started out at Winston’s home – he is such a ham, with long hair that was just like velcro! Literally it picked up everything. His mom had him beautifully groomed for his photoshoot and about 10 shots into the session he fell into a pile of fresh cut grass. Needless to say we had to pause and fish it all out. He didn’t seem to mind. Then we headed over to his sister’s house, Lulu. She was just too cute for words. She pounced around in the grass – almost like a bunny. She is about half the size of Winston but – a purse puppy to the core!

Winston on the left and Lulu on the right!

Luckily it was a fairly windy day – so we got the full effect of Winston’s long hair. The photo on the right… no word to describe just try not to spit your coffee everywhere.

The grass was almost as tall as Lulu – she pounced through it with no problem.

Apparently one of Winston’s favorite treats are cheetos! He would eat them with his nose straight up in the air. I couldn’t resist his orange¬†mustache, and the slightly guilty look…

Okay – so I am not normally the photographer who posts pets dressed up, however there are exceptions to the rule! 1.) They are wearing University of Texas outfits – my¬†alma mater. 2.)Winston looks like he’s calling a touchdown. 3.) Lulu looks like she is cheering on her brother!

I know I say it all the time but being a pet photographer is what I was meant to be! Just love getting to play with pups all the time :)

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Awesome amounts of fluffiness headed to a Blue Mutt Blog near you! Winston and Lulu are ready for their close-close up! Stay tuned for more of their photoshoot!

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