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snow day!

Make that three ice days and one snow day to top it all off! Yes I know the entire country is covered in ice and snow but it becomes a holiday/celebration type ordeal when it happens in Texas. Plus my dogs LOVE the snow. They can’t get enough of it and I can’t seem to understand how their toes and tummies don’t freeze, but then again I’m not a dog… I caught Layla (on the left) and Mr. Blue Mutt in action this morning here in the Dallas snow. Hope everyone is staying warm and having fun this winter 2011!!

Check out last years snow photos (back when Willie was an only child)

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Snow… in Dallas!

Crazy – Fun – Cold! If you’ve watched the news lately you know that Dallas had record snow fall this week. I’ve never seen anything like it! We did it all: built two snowmen, went sledding, made s’mores over the fire… and went without power for 32 hours… brrrrrrrrr! I took Mr. Blue Mutt out to see what he thought of this strange white stuff falling from the sky – well he loved it! It was hard to get him to come inside – especially once he realized he could bury his soccer ball in the snow. Here are two quick photos I have managed to edit since the power has come back on. There are many more to come! If this only happens once every 50 years you can bet I filled up my camera… but I did put it down for a snowball fight!

snow 01

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More Snow Photos!

I still can’t believe how much snow we got here in Dallas… and only a couple days later it’s already all melted. I took so many photos! I was super excited when my neighbors, who also had no power, invited me to go sledding with them at Flag Pole Hill. Their two girls Mallory and Macy are just too sweet!

flag 02Flag 01flag 04

And did I mention that Willie, Mr. Blue Mutt, loved every minute of it! Here he is standing in our backyard – the snow came up to his tummy :)

snow 02

The snow on the trees was beautiful!

 snow 06snow 07

Here is Willie diving into the snow after his soccer ball 😉

snow 04

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Blue Mutt’s Afternoon Off!!

Last week we had some beautiful weather here in Dallas. Blue skies and a nice fall breeze! Willie and I decided it was just to nice to stay indoors. So we shut down early and took the afternoon off :) We headed out to White Rock Lake to play a little fetch and watch the ducks. Willie had an absolute blast…check out that tongue.

Willie_WR 05Willie_WR 03

Willie loves to catch the ball high in the air. Usually the only time he misses is when I give him a bad toss, just like the on the right …oops! To learn more about Mr. Blue Mutt check out his own page – blue mutt

Willie_WR 06

Once Willie was done playing we sat and relaxed by the lake for a while, I just love his silhouette – I even used it as the Blue Mutt Photography logo! All I can say is that my “job” as a Dallas pet photographer ROCKS!

Willie_WR 01

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Summer Bath

In Mr. Blue Mutt’s mind, summer bath time has got to be just about the best thing around. We spend at least 20 minutes soaking him down while he chases the water and tries to eat it or catch it. He loves every minute of it. Then we suds him up as fast as possible and let him loose again, only to play in the water until all the soap is gone. I was lucky enough to have my husband do all the work while I took some photographs.


By the way – don’t tell Willie he’s actually getting a bath… Just makes me smile :) Hope it brightens your day!

And no bath would be complete without a good shake…

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