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Cameron and Ben

Cameron + Ben = Cuteness!

I had so much fun getting to know and playing with, I mean photographing these two sweetie pies! Even though they are brother and sister they still had very different personalities. Cameron was a little shy at first and had to be brought out of her shell. While her brother, Ben, was ready to GO – jumping, laughing, and being silly. We did the photo session at their grandmother’s brand new house, huge windows and tons of natural light. The best part was the windows didn’t have blinds or curtains on them yet! One tip for indoor photography: if the window has blinds, pull them all the way up (don’t just open the slats). You would not believe how much more light it lets in. It might not be perceptible to our eyes, but the camera knows… smart, smart camera ¬† :)

hope you enjoy these photos and the silliness! I am loving adding child photography to my business here in Dallas!

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Sweet Ellie

Talk about a peaceful photoshoot. Ellie is the sweetest little Shih Tzu you will ever meet, at her senior age of 12 she still has a ton of love to give. Ellie lives in an amazing home with a french country theme – it was easy to find tons of great backdrops and spots full of natural light. I always shoot on location – ¬†either at my clients home or an area park. You never know what to expect when you show up to a new location and it’s always a huge adventure.

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