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Oliver & Owen

Now, I know I love pugs and I know I love beagles… so when I heard about Oliver & Owen who are puggles I was so excited to meet them. Oliver & Owen are actually brothers – their parents only set out to get one puppy, but when they saw these two they couldn’t choose just one… I don’t blame them! Even though they look alike they have personalities of their own. Owen is on the left and Oliver on the right – they are both full of love, kisses, and tail wags. They also have a sister cat named Chloe, who is the queen of the upstairs. She’s pretty shy but we were able to get a few photos of her as well.Oliver & Owen 01-aOliver & Owen 07Oliver & Owen 06-a

Owen had just learned how to “roll-over” so he was proud to show the whole family his trick!

Oliver & Owen 02

I would say these two are pretty much inseparable :)

Oliver & Owen 08Oliver & Owen 10Oliver & Owen 11Oliver & Owen 12Oliver & Owen 03Oliver & Owen 09Oliver & Owen 04

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