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travel bug… european puppies

Now, just because a pet photographer goes on vacation doesn’t mean that they have the ability, or should I say strength, to stay away from those sweet puppy dogs – no matter what language they might be speaking! I just couldn’t resist the urge to photograph these few furry friends along the way, some from France as well as some from Spain. It’s so strange that no matter what country you are from you can see a pet owners pride in their own pup. As I photographed each pet I could see their owner’s beaming with a smile from ear to ear! I couldn’t ask for a better “job” :)

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before baby

I had the pleasure of meeting the Hamilton family out at White Rock Lake in Dallas to capture their family only a few weeks before it would be changed forever. Changed with the arrival of a beautiful baby girl… non fur-baby that is! This was my first ever Family/dog/couple/maternity session and it was a blast. Now that could have been due to the fact that we had incredible weather, two hillarious pups (Pete & Toby), and a great soon to be mom and dad.

The best part of all – they welcomed baby Adrian right after Christmas and this Friday I am headed to their home to photograph a beautiful newborn baby girl. I can’t WAIT! This will be my first newborn girl to photograph so there will be some pink and of course some sugar and spice and everything nice :)

I like to imagine that these are the faces Pete (the yellow lab) & Toby (the schnauzer) made when they found out they were going to have a little human in the house 😉

I think this is one of my favorites. The sun was setting behind us, bouncing off the lake – literally creating a field of gold!

I am so excited to meet Little Adrian Friday and will post her newborn photos as soon as I can!

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Sweetest House Guest Ever

One of our relatives recently adopted Missy, a beautiful Border Collie – and we have had the opportunity to have her as a house guest a couple times. It’s great because she and Willie are fast friends and love to run around in the back yard. I think they are trying to herd each other, which is just hysterical… We aren’t sure of Missy’s past, but she can be very skiddish – especially around men. She is very unsure of Brad, my husband, which just breaks his heart. We are hoping the more she comes over the more comfortable she will get with him.

I love, love, love when dogs tilt their head – believe me if you’ve ever been with me on a photoshoot I’ve got some really strange noises in my arsenal that can almost always get a tilt – no room for embarrassment when you’re a pet photographer. Usually my clients, who are awesome, will start trying to make their own noises to get a tilt. I even had one client get out his phone and use all his different ring tones :)  -Love it. But… I have never, ever been able to get Willie to tilt his head, either he knows all my tricks or he’s just too smart to be fooled. So when I found out Missy tilts her head at any noise I was giddy, and got my camera out as fast as I could. Also, you can see a peek of my office with the rug she’s on… my favorite color is orange and a black and white dog looks so good on it 😉

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Shelter Dogs

It never ceases to amaze me how any dog in any situation still greets you with a smile and a wag. I really do think that everyone should have a pet of their own. It is a proven fact that owning any kind of pet can reduce stress: check out this article on About.com. I love my Thursday mornings spent at the SPCA of Texas as their “unofficial” pet photographer :)

Meet Marly and Pogo

SPCA 1-21-10 _02

Cleo – just couldn’t resist this photo of the way she was sitting! And Lancelot (who has the softest ears ever!)

SPCA 1-21-10 _01

Cleo & Pogo – or should I say super dog!

SPCA 1-21-10 _03

Snookie & Milo

SPCA 1-21-10 _04

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The Odd yet Adorable Couple

I could help but giggle when Bailey and Rooney came bursting out the front door to greet me for their photo shoot. It never ceases to amaze me how dogs are just full of love for everyone and everything around them. Bailey, a West Highland Terrier, measures in at an astounding 12″ tall, while Rooney, a lovable Labradoodle, is a modest 36″!! Bailey can walk right under Rooney and he wouldn’t even notice. However, they are inseperable – best buds. I’m sure you can figure out who’s the goofball of the pair… Rooney. While Bailey was a very sophisticated little lady!

Bailey & Ronney 07Bailey & Ronney 03Bailey & Ronney 09Bailey & Ronney 02Bailey & Ronney 04Bailey & Ronney 01Bailey & Ronney 06Bailey & Ronney 05

Time for a nap!

Bailey & Ronney 08

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