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Lucia & Sam

Lucia and Sam are two of the most adorable chihuahua mixes I have ever seen! I had so much fun photographing these dogs right in their own home. Lucia is the pretty little brown and black lady.  You would never know it, but Lucia is about 10 years old and still has loads of energy – definitely the more rambunctious of the two. And sweet Sam is an 8 year old fluffy white and grey little boy that will just melt your heart – a little more reserved, but clearly Lucia’s best friend and partner in crime. Both pups are rescue dogs and have found such a wonderful home. One thing I ask every owner before a photo shoot is: If you could describe your pet’s personality with one color,  what would it be. Their mom answered: Lucia – Red (and she was pretty fiery) & Sam – Baby Blue (and he was calm and collected) – Mom couldn’t have been more correct!

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I had the privilege to shoot Scarlett and her mom on the coldest day of the year here in Dallas! Scarlett is a fellow rescue dog and I’m pretty sure she and my pup have some of the same family members. She was so excited to go to the park and even tried to “make friends” with a few squirrels. Her ears are the best – one stands a little higher than the other – super cute.  This is supposed to be a surprise for Scarlett’s dad, so please try to keep it a secret…..

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