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SPCA Thursday

Today is SPCA Thursday, aka fun day! I had so much fun playing with these little guys this morning. It is so hot here in Texas, but they were super excited to be outside and ready for their photo shoot.

This guy’s name is Scoobie, he has beautiful eyes! At first he wasn’t all that sure of the camera, but he warmed up to it pretty fast.

Here is little Miss McKenzie, she sure does know how to apply her eye-liner.

This little guys was too funny – he didn’t want me to leave, just kept running circles around me!

Meet Nell, she was ready for some tummy rubs & kisses.

Melody was ready to play. She came into the shelter only one week ago – she sure has come a long way!

Super silly girl… love the hair-do!

And last but certainly not least this little chihuahua’s name is Jazz. I bet you just said “awwwwwe” …I know I did! Thank you to my fellow Volunteer, Melinda (that’s her shoulder), she also fell in love with Jazz.

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What happens next?

I love getting home from a photo shoot and looking at the photos right away. There are many reasons I must do this: excitement, impatience, too much diet Dr. Pepper (my favorite)… But there is one thing that always makes me laugh. Most of the time I am shooting, I leave my camera on burst mode. That means that if I hold my finger down on the shutter button, my camera will take consecutive pictures. In return if a dog is going to do something silly or funny I can usual catch him/her in the act. This time it was Maggie… see below

Thinking about it…

Going for it…


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