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Mollie – the 11 year old puppy!

Meet Mollie – when her mom called me and told me she wanted a photo session with her 11 year old Lab I was ready for a super slow, lovely old lady photo session. BOY was I in for a surprise! Mollie had so much energy and was ready to run, swim, roll, jump – and I was loving every minute of it! It makes me so happy to see such energy and health is an older pup! It was plain to see how much Mollie loved her mom and how much her mom loved her. I can tell they have an amazing bond and was happy to help capture that bond.

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I Heart Water Dogs

Well, I heart all dogs, but it is especially fun to photograph a pup who loves to swim – no matter how cold the water may be! Vegas, the yellow lab, was all about the water – pretty sure he would have spent all afternoon laying in the water if he had his say. But we had to get him home since his photo shoot is a surprise birthday present for his Dad. Just a happy-go-lucky boy who was curious about everything around him.Vegas 11Vegas 03Vegas 12

Vegas was also very skilled with the tennis ball. You just can’t beat the green grass in Highland Park this time of year!

Vegas 09Vegas 08

Not sure why – but I absolutely loves this photos!

Vegas 07Vegas 06

You can’t beat the “in-water” shake!!

Vegas 02

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