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okay well his name is really just Scout, but everytime I see Scout I can’t help but go up to him and rub his ears while saying Scouty-Pouty with my bottom lip pushed out. Try it – no one’s looking…. See, I told you so :) Scout is a 10 year old dog that lives in my neighborhood and we like to joke that he has a crush on my little Layla. Scouts photoshoot couldn’t have been better. Scout was excited to show me all his tricks and run and play, after which we went inside to get some of those shots that just make you saw awwwe…

I was so extremely happy and almost proud of myself after going through Scouts photo. Why? Well, I feel like the entire gallery really captured the moment: the sun setting, the cool breeze of fall arriving, the excitement from Scout, the goofy-ness in Scout’s personality, the love between Scout and his mom, and the feeling of “home.” That is always my goal with every pet photography session and this one just seems to really capture it all. Let me know what you think… What “feeling” do you get from the photos?

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Scout & Casper

Scout and Casper are two super laid back brothers who I first met at my favorite Dallas Doggie Daycare: Camp Bow Wow. I actually photographed Scout during our Valentines Day Photos last year!

I was so excited to see him again and meet his brother Casper, with his beautiful blue eyes! Scout is the older of the two at 10 years old, but you would never know it – aside from the presence of ┬áhis white eyebrows(so cute). You can even see a difference in his “aging” from February 2009 (above) to today. He is a “happy-go-lucky” guy, who really loves his Dad… and chasing squirrels. Casper, on the other hand, is only 2 and 1/2 years old – and very careful and shy. He is named Casper for a couple different reasons. First of all he is super friendly – lots of love for everyone around (that is once he knows you’re a dog lover) but holds a special place in his heart for his Mom. He also likes to hide and peak around corners to see what’s going on before joining in the fun. Also, you can never overlook his beautiful ice-blue eyes!

I love these two photos together. If I had to caption them… 1. Awe, mmmoooom – why do you have to embarrass me all the time. 2. Okay, I love you too and give kisses now! You embarrassed? (okay so I’m no comedian – check out I Has a Hot Dog for some real laughs!)

Action time – I wanted to highlight the ball that Casper is about to snag out of the air, can you find it? I just love Scouts face in his action shot – very determined!

I’m so happy I caught this candid moment of their little family.

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Quick Look

I just finished a photo shoot with two beautiful girls, Scout & Lillie. They had so much energy and were so excited to see me. Their little tails were wagging so fast they were a blur.

I wanted to give you guys a peak of their photos…I will post the rest soon! Here’s is Scout, she is so sweet and has the most expressive eyes.

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