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SPCA Thursday

I know, I know, where are my SPCA Thursday’s?? Well they are back, back with this awesome weather we’ve been having that is. It’s not that we haven’t been up at the shelter working with these adorable guys, it’s that the weather just never seems to want to work with me to capture their photos. Until now that is!! Have you looked out your window? It is gorgeous outside and these furry friends are ready to be in your back yard :)

First up is the handsome Kaiser, who really reminds me a my little Layla (who is also from the SPCA). He’s a tad larger than Layla but just as silly! Love the markings :)

And this sweet girl is Rio, who is full of personality and knows “sit.”

Check out all of Rio’s awesome expressions…

Piper is all Beagle – that nose, that grin, and those soft – floppy ears!

I don’t think I’ve ever met a dog with two different shades of brown eyes! Too cool. Petey has one chocolate eye and one golden eye. Plus he is just down right sweet!

If you’ve spent any time around kids you know who Tow-Mater is… well this puppies name is Tow-Mater which to me is hysterical. This little guy is going to be a BIG one once he’s all grown up, but he is also going to be a show stopper because he is so soft and gorgeous!

Now while both of these gals names are Missy – they’ve got personalities all their own. Missy on the left is a little corgi mix who was shy at first but ready to cuddle. Missy on the right is a cattle dog who is ready to run and play!

All of these adorable dogs are available for adoption at the SPCA of Texas. If you are curious to know more about their personalities just let me know 😉

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SPCA Thursday

It’s been a while since I’ve posted photos from SPCA Thursday, but I am still there every Thursday! I decided these guys needed their time to shine, they are perfect in every way and are ready for their new home!

Roxy and Brownie are ready for their close-close up!

Ikea and Bella were ready for some play time!! Not sure where Ikea got her name…

While Polly and M.J were all smiles!

So if you are looking for your new best friend go check out the SPCA of Texas and these shelter pups!

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SPCA Thursday

Today is SPCA Thursday, aka fun day! I had so much fun playing with these little guys this morning. It is so hot here in Texas, but they were super excited to be outside and ready for their photo shoot.

This guy’s name is Scoobie, he has beautiful eyes! At first he wasn’t all that sure of the camera, but he warmed up to it pretty fast.

Here is little Miss McKenzie, she sure does know how to apply her eye-liner.

This little guys was too funny – he didn’t want me to leave, just kept running circles around me!

Meet Nell, she was ready for some tummy rubs & kisses.

Melody was ready to play. She came into the shelter only one week ago – she sure has come a long way!

Super silly girl… love the hair-do!

And last but certainly not least this little chihuahua’s name is Jazz. I bet you just said “awwwwwe” …I know I did! Thank you to my fellow Volunteer, Melinda (that’s her shoulder), she also fell in love with Jazz.

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SPCA Thursday

Calling all Scruffy Dog Lovers… The SCRUFF is in!

Meet Mogul (on the left) and Freedom (on the right). I have lovingly renamed them: Ewok and Wookie. These two have got some character! They are both at the SPCA of Dallas waiting for their forever homes.

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