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Bella & Sophie

Bella & Sophie are two of the sweetest Chihuahua sister’s in Dallas. Bella, who is the older of the two at 7 years old, was my immediate friend… well I’m not exactly sure if she loved me or my pocket full of treats to be exact, but she turned out to be a natural in front of the camera. Her little sister, Sophie – who is 3 years old, needed a little more coaxing than my pocket full of treats. She wasn’t sure of my “huge” camera that was almost the same size as her! But after a few of my tricks she was ready for her close up as well. I had such a great time getting to know these two love bugs! I just love photographing Chihuahua’s (or Chihua-la’s as my 3 year old niece would say :)) They have the best expressions!

That is Sophie on the left and Bella on the right. Gotta love those summer photo shoots with blue skies!


Best buds… One paw up and one paw down :)

I thought this was hysterical! Sophie has a “peep” hole in her fence where she can check on the neighbors dog. It is exactly the right height!

“We are the two best friends that anyone could have… Yes the two best friends that anyone could have…”

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1000 degrees, a tripod, and a toe!

I must take a moment to celebrate the possible end of the Dallas heat wave. We have hit 100 degree plus temperatures for the past 23 out of 24 days! (18 days straight at the end). With yesterday being the last day of the heat wave, the sun decided to end the streak with a bang, hitting a record 107 degrees! Holy cow – it is hot! As my husband so eloquently puts it: “we are living on the surface of the sun!” I do agree, and so do our dogs. When I ask Willie and Layla if they want to go outside they pretty much go and hide from me. So sayonara to this crazy heat! Bring on the crisp fall and football season!

As for the last two parts of this post title – I’m sure you are wondering what those two thing could possibly have in common. My tripod, which is pretty much an antique as it was handed down to me from my mom and is made of extremely heavy metal, decided to take a nose dive and land smack dab on my poor little pinkie toe. I humbly admit that I cried like a little baby. I decided to go get an x-ray just to be safe (ask me about the time I broke my thumb and didn’t get an x-ray.) And my poor little toe is definitely broken. There really isn’t much one can do about a little broken toe – it’s mostly just annoying :(   So I am pretty mad at my tripod right now, it has been sent to its room (the hall closet)!

So, instead of posting a photo of my little blue toe I have decided to spare you and post some photos of Willie trying to avoid the heat…. He is just so handsome!

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