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Luckiest Aunt in The World!

I might be biased, but I’m pretty sure I am one of the luckiest aunt’s in the entire world. Ansley is almost two and Wesley will be four in October. I went to visit them before the summer season was over because they told me they wanted to show me how they can swim… and swim we did – about 2 times a day! They love to swim and eat popsicles in the pool. Wesley even swims underwater, he looks a lot like a frog! And Ansley is so brave she jumps right into the deep end without even blinking… not without her fashionable floaties that is.

Here they are patiently waiting for their popsicles.

Here is Ansley preparing to jump in… just too cute!

On the next trip we are planning to see if Mr. Blue Mutt would like to swim… we know he likes his summer baths, and baby pools! I’ll keep you posted!

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