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Tanzen & Georgia

I first met Tanzen almost two years ago at his very own Valentine’s Day party. He is such a sweetheart and I was so excited to hear that he had adopted a little sister. Her name is Georgia and they are best buds. Georgia is actually a lot like Layla, a little cautious at first… but a love bug deep down. I think they would be great friends 😉

Tanzen & Georgia’s session had to be split into two separate shoots because the sun just didn’t want to make an appearance on their scheduled date. Perfect for me because then I get to hang out with them twice!! I just love having some rainy day indoor photos mixed with some bright sunny outside photos.

A special thank you to Tanzen and Georgia’s mom for gifting me the one thing that has Layla finally walking on a leash!! It was as simple as a leash splitter, so Layla thinks that Willie is walking her… not me! Apparently Tanzen and Georgia weren’t big fans of it so it needed a new home, and boy did it find the right one. We are some walking fools now :) Both pups can’t get enough!!

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