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happy valentine’s day!

Ever spent a Valentine’s day getting hugs, kisses, tail wags, and love from over 75 dogs?? Well I have and it just might be one of my favorites as of yet. These pups are full of love for their owners and I was thrilled to capture each and every one of them. Camp Bow Wow, one of Dallas’s premier doggie daycares set up a special pet photography day for all their pups – so that they would have a gift to take home to their mom or dad. Just too darn cute if you ask me!

If you see your fur-baby below let us know by leaving a comment. Or let us know which photo is your favorite :)

Thank you to Camp Bow Wow for providing such an excellent service and being such a great friend!

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Love is in the Air


Valentine’s day is almost here. I better go get a card for my husband and have willie write something in it. See birthday gift, Willie (Mr. Blue Mutt) really loves to write! 

I thought that in honor of Valentine’s I would post some of my favorite black & white photographs. There is always something classic and romantic about black & white images. Hope you enjoy, and don’t forget to get your sweetie a V-day card from the dog/cat!

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Maggie & Dixie

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and these two pups are on top of it! They are planning a big surprise (along with their mom’s help) for their dad. Such a cute idea, love it. These two ladies were so much fun and couldn’t have had two more different personalities. Dixie is a Pointer who loves to play with her tennis ball and she is super fast and always happy. Maggie is a sweet Redbone Coonhound, she prefers to howl rather than play ball – but she gives you the best puppy faces ever! 

Maggie’s nose on the left, Dixie’s on the right.

I love the below right photo – It says it all. Dixie is about to catch the ball, while Maggie cheers her on with a howl.

Maggie is such a teddy bear!

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