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1000 degrees, a tripod, and a toe!

I must take a moment to celebrate the possible end of the Dallas heat wave. We have hit 100 degree plus temperatures for the past 23 out of 24 days! (18 days straight at the end). With yesterday being the last day of the heat wave, the sun decided to end the streak with a bang, hitting a record 107 degrees! Holy cow – it is hot! As my husband so eloquently puts it: “we are living on the surface of the sun!” I do agree, and so do our dogs. When I ask Willie and Layla if they want to go outside they pretty much go and hide from me. So sayonara to this crazy heat! Bring on the crisp fall and football season!

As for the last two parts of this post title – I’m sure you are wondering what those two thing could possibly have in common. My tripod, which is pretty much an antique as it was handed down to me from my mom and is made of extremely heavy metal, decided to take a nose dive and land smack dab on my poor little pinkie toe. I humbly admit that I cried like a little baby. I decided to go get an x-ray just to be safe (ask me about the time I broke my thumb and didn’t get an x-ray.) And my poor little toe is definitely broken. There really isn’t much one can do about a little broken toe – it’s mostly just annoying :(   So I am pretty mad at my tripod right now, it has been sent to its room (the hall closet)!

So, instead of posting a photo of my little blue toe I have decided to spare you and post some photos of Willie trying to avoid the heat…. He is just so handsome!

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BIG Blue Mutt News

Blue Mutt Photography is making it’s TV debut… LIVE! I couldn’t be more excited or nervous for that matter – But I can’t wait!

Good Morning Texas will be featuring me along with Mr. Blue Mutt (Willie) next Tuesday.  Channel 8 contacted us earlier this week to see if we could share some tips on how to get great photos of your own pet. I was so excited I replied yes so fast it probably scared them. Tips – have I got tips for you! Tons of tips!

So tune in (or set your DVR) to Channel 8 on Tuesday, the 17th, at 9:00am. Wish us luck!!

I will also post all about the show and the tips I will be sharing in case you miss the show :)

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tail wag and a middle name

Layla has come miles from that shy little puppy we adopted a few weeks ago. Her best friend in the entire world is her big brother Willie, who has shown Layla the ropes around here. In fact she follows him everywhere, sleeps when he sleeps, plays when he plays, and eats when he eats. Their favorite game right now is tug-of-war! Willie is such a sweet boy because he even let’s Layla win every now and then 😉

We have also decided on a middle name for our little girl. Drum roll please…….. Layla Ruth Cameron. Why Ruth? Well the best response for her middle name I received on the post Little Layla was actually: Chocolate Caramel Brownie! Which made me laugh pretty hard :) Of course we couldn’t really name her that – but I do agree that she looks like chocolate and caramel. So to stay with the theme of Goonies*, we chose Baby Ruth (the star candy bar in the movie). Thank you for all of your creative suggestions!

* Willie is actually named after The Goonies “One Eyed Willie.” The pirate who’s treasure they are searching for. I know we are dorks but we do love our 80’s movies!

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My Little Layla

The Cameron family grew by one this past weekend. Meet our new pup Layla! I first met Layla at the SPCA of Texas and instantly fell in love with her. She was petrified – extremely scared of people and suffering in the shelter environment. We are guessing that she was running with a pack of strays because she is perfectly comfortable around other dogs, it’s just people that make her nervous – very nervous. I spent a couple of hours with her at the SPCA trying to get her to warm up to me, and hopefully others. But I ended up falling in love with her and just two days later she was here in our home. Layla is such a sweet girl but still painfully shy – we are working on it and she is getting more comfortable with us every minute. She is already best friends with her big brother Willie!

We have no idea what type of breeds are in Layla, but we plan on asking our vet. Any guesses?

Now here is where I need your help. We kept Layla’s name from the SPCA, we felt like it really did fit her shy demeanor. But we are stuck on her middle name. Yes, all dogs need a middle name. Willie’s full name is Wilson Lincoln Kolle Cameron (seriously). We just can’t seem to find the right fit for Layla. So I am asking you guys… What should Layla Cameron’s middle name be??

I think this last photo might be my favorite, as far as Layla’s first day at our home, this pretty much says it all. Such a sweet girl! By the way – I realize that all of these photos are in the same spot, that’s because for some reason she decided the back door floor matt was her safe spot for the day… Many many more photos to come, that is once she’s ready 😉

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I am proud to announce that Buster, our house guest, has overcome his fear of our wood floors… Well sort of, you can still see he’s a little nervous. I however, take no credit in the matter – Willie is the one who helped. You see Buster couldn’t stand not being exactly where Willie was, so he began to venture out onto the big bad wood floor. It’s too bad that Buster is leaving tomorrow – I know Willie will miss having his little friend around.

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