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  • Hello and welcome to our blue mutt blog! I'm Allison - a Dallas based photographer specializing in all types of kiddos - be they furry or not. I love them all: two legs or four legs, tail or no tail, sleeping, crawling, walking, running, swinging and swimming.

    I love what I do and am so lucky to be given the opportunity to capture the spirit of your little love bug in an artistic, candid style.

    Oh, and that's Willie, Mr. Blue Mutt, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you - he only has one eye. But he is oh so handsome! He even has a business named after him. I would venture to say that Willie is living the good life.

Tucker’s Surprise

Have I ever told you that I  love being in on a surprise?? Well I absolutely, positively, with out a doubt DO!! Tucker’s photo session was a surprise Happy Birthday for his dad and keeping it a secret was a close call… But we were able to make it happen and he was beyond surprised from what I hear 😉

Tucker is an older guy but you would never know it from the energy he had through the session. He was loving the park and was so excited to get into the cool water. While at home, he was such a sweat boy who just wanted to lean on whoever was closest! I definitely feel in love with this lovable golden retriever.

Tucker also has a cat-brother named Mittens. Mittens comes and goes as he pleases so we weren’t sure if we would be able to get any photos of him. But he turned out to be pretty curious of my camera and even gave us some posing!

Love the one on the right… one of my all time favorites!


Genevieve Tucker looks like a sweetie. I love goldens. I bet his dad loved these photos!

Alisa Pets just make a house more cozy.

More Meows on Blue Mutt!

I was so excited to hear that my friend Blair, and her husband, who have been in the market for a new home – finally ended their long search… because they ended it in MY neighborhood here in Dallas. I couldn’t be more happy to have a great friend so close and as a new neighbor. My excitement reached a new level when she called me to let me know they had adopted a teeny-tiny little kitten. I ran over to snap a few photos of their cat as a housewarming gift and a great blog post!

Meet Honey, the sweetest little kitten in my neighborhood. She was a natural at getting her photo taken, but I did get a good laugh when her Dad asked me if – as a pet photographer – I knew how to talk to animals since she was behaving so well.

Another special fact about Honey (full name Honey-Mustard) is that somewhere out there, maybe not even born yet, she has a brother on the way! Her parents are looking to adopt a sheepdog, who already has a name… Ketchup! I’m sure that Honey-Mustard and Ketchup will be fast friends! Welcome to the neighborhood:)


Auntie Lacy OMG, my sweet niece is a total NATURAL for the runway!!! I cannot wait to meet her!!!!!!!!!!!

Alisa Oh, to be a kitten again.

Anne ok, i have to admit – she does look pretty cute! I’m glad Mark isn’t a blog reader or he’d have adopted some more pets just by looking at their cute little faces on here!

Murray & Lucy

Every now and then I am lucky enough to get to spend an afternoon with a gorgeous cat or two. And that is exactly what Murray and Lucy are for sure! Talk about a change of pace. Photographing two beautiful cats could not be more different than photographing two dogs. The first thing I always tell my cat clients is “The cat is in charge of this session.” Murray and Lucy were definitely in charge of their own session and it couldn’t have turned out better. They were a bit cautious at first, but with a little patience and some loving coaxing they eventually came out of their shells and showed me their curious personalities:)That is Murray on the left and Lucy on the right!

I just love cat whiskers! Check out Lucy’s long white whiskers:)


Michele Oh my goodness! Those are adorable. Can I sign up for my two kitties???

Allisa Those whiskers are the best… and I wish I had eyeliner like Murry. This beautiful gallery is really soft and dreamy.

Photo Day: Pet Resort Dallas

Blue Mutt Photography recently teamed up with Pet Resort Dallas for a fun filled Photo Day! Talk about some characters! I fell in love with each and everyone of these guys in an instant. From some of the goofiest to the shy ones, they all had a personality of their own. I met Phoebe – the sweet blind schnauzer; Mia – who has graced the pages of Modern Dog; Paris – who has her very own hot-pink wheelchair; Sammy – who is looking for his forever home; Snow – the deaf boxer; Easy (as in “The Big Easy”) – one of the biggest dogs I’ve ever met; the brother and sister team named Guns and Roses; Sadie – who’s missing half an ear; Freddie – who’s ears look as though she is always wearing pigtails; and so many more lovable fur-monsters!

Pet Resort Dallas is an incredible facility full of very happy dogs! The employees treat each dog as if they were their own and each day is topped off with an ice cream cone full of doggie ice cream! Talk about the life:)The best part of our photo day at Pet Resort Dallas is that 30% of the revenue from each photo went to Paws in the City, a local animal rescue group!! Thank you to Pet Resort Dallas and all their clients who helped raise funds for animals in need!

Oh, and be sure to tell me who your favorite is, especially if one of these is your fur-monster!!


Michele Those are fantastic! I bet the owners were so happy. My favorites are Blue and Tori!!!

Alisa You have captured something amazing in the eyes of these sweet dogs. They look so human. I feel like I am in the room with them and that they are about to talk to me. Beautiful!

Blue Mutt Photography is in Living Magazine, Blue Mutt Photography | […] working with Pet Resort Dallas to give their clients an amazing Photo Day, I was pleased to be contacted by them once more! They were being featured in a local Dallas […]

Jackson the Tibetan

Meet Jackson, the most adorable Tibetan Terrier I’ve ever met. Okay well, the only Tibetan Terrier I’ve ever met – but he is sure to be the most adorable! Jackson’s pet session was nothing short of a dream. A top secret surprise session, with an extremely well behaved little man, in an increadible house. I felt like I was shooting for “D Home.” It was just perfect. Jackson’s parents were surprised with a beautiful photobook and I heard that a tear or two might have been shed 😉

It was hard for me to narrow down my favorites from Jackson’s photo shoot… Love, love love!!


Jill These are amazing! I just tweeted the link. LOVE THEM.

Alisa When I grow up, I want Jackson’s job! Looks like he loves his life AND he knows how to pose. This is a super fun gallery.

W. Byron Dunn Awesome dog ! Incredible photography! A priceless capture! Blue Mutt is the BEST!